Personal injury is a type of injury occurring as result of another person’s negligence or intentional acts. These injuries are often times awarded monetary compensation when a lawsuit arises. What are some of the most common type of personal injuries sustained by individuals in Oregon that result in a call to an Oregon personal injury lawyer and a potential lawsuit?

The most common type of personal injury case the attorney handles is a car accident. Car accidents, even when deemed minor, turn lies upside down and leave an array of injuries. Major accidents, of course, cause even more trauma in a person’s life. The attorney is there to see that justice is served and that you get the money that you deserve from the accident.

Of course, car accidents aren’t the only type of injury that you may sustain that results in a personal injury. Another of the most common personal injury cases in Oregon is medical malpractice. This is usually the most serious type of personal injury and occurs when a doctor or medical professional fails to provide competent care of a patient and an injury results. These cases are complex and certainly need a lawyer to overcome.

A slip and fall case is another common personal injury case. This occurs when a property isn’t kept free of hazards and an injury occurs as the result. Not all slip and fall accidents are liability issues so it is important to speak to an attorney to find out your legal standings if you’ve been involved in such an accident.

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A dog bite may be a personal injury case in certain circumstances. For example, was the dog off leash at the time that you were bit? You may be able to recoup damages in a lawsuit, but it is best that an attorney further advise you of the next steps to take in the case.