It is great to have a bail bondsman to call after an arrest. Bondsmen provide fast bail bonds PA that free you from the confinements of the jail quickly. Many people who are arrested use bail bond service because it is cheaper and faster than a traditional bond. If you’re one of those people, make sure to read and follow all of the information on the bond, particularly your date and time to appear in court. Make sure that you appear at this time, otherwise you’re in for a world of trouble. It’s called skipping bail, and it is something that you should never consider doing if you are out on bond. Here are 4 reasons why.

1- Bench Warrant

Skipping bail results in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. This means that your bond is revoked and you must sit behind bars until court, where a judge then determines your fate.

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2- Co-Signer Trouble

Whoever signs the bond is also in a lot of trouble if you do not appear in court. They’re held financially responsible for the bond, and you certainly do not want to do this to a person who was helping you out of a hard situation.

3- Bond Troubles

If you skip out on a bond, you better hope that you never get in trouble in the future, or that you at least have the money on hand to get yourself out of jail. It is almost impossible to get a future bond after skipping.

4- Hassles

It is best to go to court to answer the charges that you’ve been accused of committing than it is to run. You do not want to watch your back every second of the day, and certainly want to avoid the hassles of such occurrences.